The Project

Soul of Clay is a project born out of the enthusiastic search for a well-made product, where tradition and modernity combine two existing worlds: ceramics and wine.

The Soul of Clay project is driven by Alfonso Soro, a fourth-generation potter based in Fuentes de Ebro, Zaragoza. Enthusiastic, and curious by nature, Alfonso is proud of his ceramicist’s roots.

In 2010, he was asked to make clay containers, submergible in the sea, that could be used in wine making. After experimenting with various clay mixtures and manufacturing techniques, he developed an amphora shaped container that fulfilled the aims of the ‘S’Amfora’ project.

This led to a new challenge. Alfonso made large earthenware jars in which to make wine, researching and trying various clays, thicknesses, temperatures until reaching the desired result. Then, a new question arose – what would happen once the wine was bottled? Would it continue evolving, as it would in a ‘tinaja’?

Thus, the concept of a bottle – to which the addition of a ceramic valve would enable the continuing micro-oxygenation and maturing of the wine, was born – the Aragon Bottle®.

The story of Alma D' Barro (Soul of Clay)

Soul of Clay works in collaboration with a few artisan bodegas, which are in constant pursuit of excellence. They combine ancient techniques with up-to-date knowledge.

Their enthusiasm and creativity help to produce a unique wine which reflects the personality of the maker, and their many years of hard work.

Therefore, the wines we choose for our project, are the most artisan, obtained from well-respected vineyards, and using techniques which require minimum intervention.

These wines are then out into the Aragon Bottle, which has interesting properties – a bigger thermic inertia, and no interference from light. The presence of a ceramic or oak membrane allows continuing micro-oxygenation, allowing the wine to evolve.

Under these conditions, the passing years enable the wine to continue maturing, thereby allowing it to be enjoyed at its very best.