The Wineries

TRITIUM with its nine hectares of centenary vineyards and the experience of fermenting and ageing wine in clay vessel, was the ideal candidate to lunch the proyect and the first winery to collaborate and support ALMA D’BARRO project.

From the beginning, a special relationship has been forged between TRITIUM and ALMA D’BARRO.
To be in TRITIUM winery with its people, is to feel at home and drink its wines is to be in heaven.

Victor Clavería Barrabes

Victor Claveria Barrabes is renowned as always being at the forefront of the world of wine.

Seeking excellence, he uses clay vessels for both fermentation and ageing, resulting in artisan wines with techniques that involve the minimum intervention.

Having Victor Claveria as part of the Alma D’ BARRO project is a real luxury, and the fact that our bottles contain his wine, is a dream come true.

The story of Alma D' Barro (Soul of Clay)